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List of Treatments

Intermittent Vacuum *

 Increases athletic performance and helps to recover from trauma, muscle toning and cellulite removal.

Shockwave .jpg
Shockwave *

 Shock therapy has a wide applicability in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine and urology.

tecar ggg.jpg
Tecar *

 Using different frequencies, tecar therapy acts on the deep structures but also on the superficial ones.

Mud packaging

 Techirghiol mud  helps to stop the evolution of chronic inflammatory processes, especially those of a rheumatic nature.

Mud massage

 This therapy combines the benefits of Techirghiol mud with those of body massage.

Mud baths

 Local and general effects:  analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, detoxifying, neuro-endocrine or immune regulating.


Improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing the sensation of pain through reflexology.

Oxygen with negative ions

 It uses oxygen to regenerate tissues and thus stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Osteoporosis test

 test  Osteodensitometry can eliminate the diagnostic errors of osteoporosis

magnetic therapy.jpg
Magnetotherapy *

 It acts through an electromagnetic field that helps reduce pain and inflammation


 Medical treatment based on the action of electric currents as therapeutic agents for certain diseases.

Ultrasound Therapy *

 Mechano-thermal therapy through which continuous or pulsating pulses are transmitted.

super inductive.jpg
Super inductive *

Super Inductive  The system has healing effects using high intensity electromagnetic fields, a comfortable and painless position.

Laser therapy *

 Treating over 15 conditions, laser therapy has a  anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect as well as anti-edema.

Shortwave *

 The treatment consists in the application of electromagnetic waves.

Cryolipolysis *

  Cryolipolysis  is a non-invasive medical treatment used to kill fat cells.

Pressotherapy *

 Like a lymphatic drainage massage, pressure therapy helps with blood and lymph circulation.

Cryo Thermo *

 Helps treat various joint or muscle injuries. It has both aesthetic and sports applications.

Two underwater *

 It is a hydrotherapy technique that allows a deep softening and toning.

Ozone Sauna *

 Ozone sauna  has antitoxic effects, intensifies blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Physical Therapy

 Physical therapy  it is a therapeutic form, individualized, thus acting on everyone's problems.


Please call for a moment  to the number on the site for more details

galvanic baths.jpg
Galvanic Baths *

 Galvanic baths  combines the thermal effect of water with the action of direct and neopharyngeal current, relieving pain.


 moisturize  skin  even in the most  deep tissues,  improves blood flow  and prevents aging.

* Treatment only after consultation with our doctor.

* The session will be performed according to the doctor's recommendations.

* The treatment is personalized according to the doctor's recommendation. Patients who have medical tests can come with them, including MRI. You can reschedule your sessions or redistribute them to a third party.

* The package is paid in full before starting the treatment, and will be consumed within 1 month.

The information provided regarding the improvement of the physical condition and health on this website does not necessarily consider your individual health situation and does not present or is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or prescribe any treatment. The information presented on this website is informative and does not replace consultation with a physician. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat health problems without consulting a doctor.

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