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Vacuum Intermittent


What is VACUMED technology?

   Based on the results obtained by NASA, the scientists of the German Aerospace Center designed the VACUMED equipment, thus bringing the therapy "from space, on Earth".


  It aims to prevent and treat peripheral blood circulation problems, being at the same time a valuable therapeutic tool for recovery. 


What conditions is recommended for?

Intermittent vacuum therapy  it is recommended for both sufferers and those in very good health.

  • Chronic venous insufficiency (venous leg ulcer, varicose veins)

  • Post-thrombotic syndrome

  • Edema

  • Ulcers and other wounds that do not close

  • Post-surgical or post-traumatic inflammation

  • Peripheral arterial occlusive disease

  • Diabetic neuropathy

  • Chronic pain (legs, wounds, arthritis)

  • "Restless legs" syndrome

  • Rehabilitation and recovery from sports injuries, including fractures

  • Lymphedema - treatments for muscle toning and cellulite removal

  • Post-effort recovery and increase sports performance

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