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Laser therapy


 Laser therapy uses the effects of energy produced by the penetration of light into tissues. Biochemical reactions are activated by the cell membrane. It has been observed that the correct doses of laser light can stimulate cellular functions, especially in cells affected by functional deficits.

What conditions do you treat?

Beneficial effects

- Improving blood flow: capillary and vasodilation artery leading to local increase in heat
- Biostimulation: accelerated tissue repair, stimulation of protein synthesis, ADP production, electrolytic changes in intra- and extracellular fluids and fibroblast mitosis, increased collagen and elastin
- Anti-inflammatory effect
- Anti-edema effect: stimulates lymphatic drainage
- Analgesic effect

- Polyarthritis
- Epicondylitis / Epitrochleitis
- Knee pain
- Myositis
- Edema
- Sciatalgy / lumborsetao
- Joint sprains
- Chronic tenosynovitis
- Muscle strains
- Overload of pathologies
- Ecchymosis
- Bursita
- Degenerative arthritis
- Osteoarthritis pain
- Post-traumatic stress disorder
- Scars
- Rheumatic diseases

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