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Thermo Crio (cold-hot therapy)






  Cryoback, the equipment used by us, will provide both a body and a facial applicator, which can be applied  without anatomical limitations (weight, construction, dimensions, etc.).

  So,  combined therapies can be applied, both to make the treatment more efficient and to protect the body: cryolipolysis + burning fetus + facial treatments.


·   1. Definitive elimination of localized fat


   2. Body reshaping where neither exercise nor diet works


   3. Decrease in circumference by up to 5 cm from the first session


   4.  The appearance of the skin is improved

   5.  Skin resistance is increased


   6.  The revitalization of the body is ensured by activating the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems

    Cryolipolysis  It is  a  procedure  of  weakening  known  and as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.  The number of fat cells in the body is finite. These fat cells contain fatty acids, water and glycerol.



  Cryolipolysis is currently the most popular method of body reshaping in Europe as:

-   the technology used is superior to classical ultrasound or radiofrequency treatments;

-   lifestyle is not affected before or after treatment (eg office workers may follow treatment during lunch break, before or after work);

-   it is a safe treatment, without serious side effects (only in rare cases can there be areas of redness, bruising or altered local sensitivity, effects that disappear on their own in the days following application).


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