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Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetes Treatment Plans

  Diabetes is an increase in the level of glucose in the blood (blood sugar) due to inadequate insulin secretion from the beta cells of the pancreas. We also talk about diabetes when the body uses glucose inefficiently due to insulin resistance - the most common cause of insulin resistance is obesity with abdominal distribution.

Vacuum Intermittent

 As the name suggests, "intermittent vacuum", the application consists of a rhythmic alternation of negative and positive pressure on the lower limbs. Not to be confused with pressure therapy, often found in recovery centers, or in body remodeling centers, which consists in applying positive pressure.


Intermittent Vacuum - Diabetic Foot

Restores microcirculation
Reduces pain
Reduces inflammation (edema)

  CosmosMed comes with personalized diabetic recovery plans  following a medical consultation. Call 0746168888 now for more information and  reservations.

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