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Tecar therapy

 TECAR radiofrequency therapy transfers high frequency electromagnetic current through all body tissues and creates a good localization of the thermal effect in the tissue, supporting both macroscopic and cellular healing. TECAR therapy is performed by means of a device that works using high frequency currents, imperceptible to the patient, which enters the tissue and turns into heat. Using different frequencies, it is possible to act on superficial and deep structures. The sensation that the patient perceives during the therapy is pleasant, warm, similar to that of a massage. The effect is rapid - from the first session, the patient's pain is greatly reduced.

Indications for therapy
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  • Dislocations / fractures

  • Muscle tears

  • Pre- and post-operative treatment in ligamentoplasties, prostheses and osteosynthesis.

  • Post-operative treatment in arthroscopes.

  • Bone or ligament injuries in inflammatory processes at the muscle-tendon junction.

  • Post-traumatic conditions, in which the therapy has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-dematous effect.

  • Chronic conditions or post-traumatic sequelae.

  • Prevention of traumatic events - reduction and prevention of sports injuries.

  • Elimination of pain.

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