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Mud therapies


Mud massage

 The healing mechanism of  mud baths  it is not yet fully elucidated, but what is certain for the time being is that the whole action of the sludge is exerted by means of the nervous system. It influences the formula of the blood, the sedimentation rate of red blood cells, the metabolism of nitrogenous substances, gastric, biliary, pancreatic, renal secretions and all glands with internal secretion.

  Mud also has a positive effect in stopping the evolution of chronic inflammatory processes, especially those of a rheumatic nature. It is also used in the treatment of chronic (but non-tuberculous) inflammatory processes located in the pleura and perineum, as well as various chronic inflammations related to the genital area, secondary sterility. Mud acts beneficially on the skin, being an unparalleled ingredient in cosmetics. It helps to eliminate fatigue, especially chronic fatigue, and increases the body's overall endurance, increasing mental tone and vitality.

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