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Recovery Packages

Many people who have been through COVID-19 report that they continue to have trouble breathing and have noticed that they get tired very quickly, even with little physical exertion.  These reports are also doubled by medical studies, which show that the disease continues to have effects on the body, even if the virus is no longer present in the body. The most visible problems are in the lungs, muscles, and psyche.

CosmosMed welcomes customized Post Covid recovery plans (5-12 days as needed)  following a medical consultation on the day of treatment. Call 0746168888 now for more information and  reservations.

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Studies supporting the post-Covid-19 recovery schemes chosen by CosmosMed.

Ozone therapy treatment

is considered to be an effective therapy in post-covid recovery.  This study from the United States highlights the antiviral capabilities of ozone therapy:

Among the countless benefits of ozone therapy we can list the following:

- Ozone helps to improve the delivery of oxygen to the body's cells, thus improving micro-circulation.

- Ozone improves the production of ATP (energy), improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation.

- Increases the production of interferons - the body's main defense against viruses.

- Creates ozone peroxides that can alter the structures of the viral envelope needed for attachment to host cells.

- Amplifies the ability of antibodies to inactivate viruses, increases antigen-antibody dynamics.

- Amplifies the generation and release of growth factors (from platelets), which help heal and regenerate damaged tissues.

- Increases the authentic production of anti-oxidant molecules that protect you from oxidative stress and its damage.

Oxygen with Negative Ions


"With this supportive therapy, SARS-CoV-2 virus inactivation due to negative oxygen ion, liquefaction of the bronchoalveolar fluids due to pH change, inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 virus - lung / respiratory tract cells binding and fusion, better gas exchange in lungs to enhance blood oxygen levels and faster recovery of the COVID-19 patients is expected (...). The proposed role of negative oxygen ion cluster [O2 - (H2O) n] and NSB supportive therapy can effectively help to fight the infection from these new strains due to its non-specific and physicochemical nature. "

- Effectively increase the level of oxygen in the blood by stimulating the exchange of air in the lungs.

- Inactivation of the virus due to negative oxygen ions.

  information  presented are based on the following study in the US NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE - NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH:

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